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24-Hour Psychiatrists

AVBRYTA - 24-Hour Psychiatric Care
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AVBRYTA - 24-Hour Psychiatric Care
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AVBRYTA - 24-Hour Psychiatric Care
AVBRYTA - 24-Hour Psychiatric Care

AVBRYTA Mental Health Clinic

  • Take visits from home

  • No waiting room

  • Insurance accepted

  • Veterans Welcome

Note: Some Veterans do not have to pay COPAYS (they’re “exempt”) due to their disability rating, income level, or special eligibility factors
First Copay Free for Qualifying Patients

Call: 667-214-7191

FAX: 667-444-5531

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AVBRYTA - 24-Hour Psychiatric Care

What Distinguishes AVBRYTA's Psychiatric Care

Statements from Our Chief Psychiatrist

 "AVBRYTA Offers Accessible, affordable and culturally sensitive mental health care"

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"AVBRYTA Offers Powerful diagnostic approaches to enhance early detection, intervention, and whole of life treatment approaches"

"At AVBRYTA, there are no stigmas or open conversations and all are WELCOME"

Who are our Psychiatrists and Therapists?

Board Certified MD's
Masters and PhDs

Professionally Trained
State Certified

LMFT for marriage and family
LCSW and LMSW for Clinical

AVBRYTA Psychiatric Healthcare

Write to:

AVBRYTA, P.O. Box 22095

Baltimore, MD 21203

AVBRYTA Psychiatric Healthcare

Call 24-Hour Hotline

T: 1-667-214-7191

AVBRYTA Psychiatric Healthcare

Contact - Monitored 24 Hours

AVBRYTA Psychiatric Healthcare

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