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Our Drug Interaction Research

Our Drug Interaction checks** take minutes, not days and AVBRYTA uses Advanced Data Science Technologies to assess medicinal risks YOU face in the event a particular drug or combination of drugs are prescribed...given your conditions!

Drugs interact differently with different patients. Contrary to popular opinion, one size does not fit all. At AVBRYTA we do not believe it is sufficient to rely ona a patient's response as to whether they have had side effects from a particular drug in the past, when its highly probable that changes to their past medical diagnoses, and even the current medical diagnoses, may give rise to conditions that invalidate past determinations.

When we consider that over 125,000 patients die in the United States each year due to prescription drug side effects, its worth the time, money and passion to define the risk for EACH AND EVERY patient group, if not for each and every patient!


A key question AVBRYTA's Physicians and Researchers ask over and over again is this:


"do we really understand how medications affect specific people with specific conditions at specific intervention points and why one size or dose of a particular medication does NOT fit all?"

Picture this for a moment - you have certain combined conditions - high blood pressure, thyroids, and bouts of heart pain - which together have deteriorated your health significantly. Your Physician recommends a medication which a manufacturer "claims" is safe to use under "normal" conditions where similar conditions to yours exist.


No one takes the time to examine precisely how this medication will affect YOU! When you subsequently take the medication, your reactions to it are extremely severe, even life- threatening! And this when a simple cross-condition data-driven prescription-reaction check could have ruled out that particular medication for YOU!.

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