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AVBRYTA's AEyewash1.0 Solution

Our eyes are precious! We use them extensively in almost every activity we engage in. So why do we neglect them so much? We wash everything else at least once daily in some instances, but we hardly ever take the time to just - wash our eyes.

Because we use our eyes so much, they are susceptible to infections, wear and tear, smoke, dust, you name it - it gets in our eyes. When it does, it affects how well we see.

Cloudy eyes, foggy eyes, watery eyes, dry eyes, pink eyes, the list goes on for the ways these gunks line up to cause poorer eyesight than is optimal.

But what do we do about - mostly nothing!

AVBRYTA's answer is simple - our AEyewash1.0 Solution. It is a saline solution that has mild antiseptic cleansing properties. Just like a bath, it rinses out all the gunk and leaves your eyes feeling fresh and new. When used in the morning after waking up, it is particularly good at rinsing out that overnight sticky discharge and leaving the eyes feeling great again.

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