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Select your plan

Our plans are simple. We recognize that illnesses are never planned, and the GAP between the total cost of care and what your insurance carrier will cover is often an unexpected reality check. Our plan sits between you and that GAP.

Our plan is a Shared Cost System (SCS) which is why its affordable to you. We spread the contributions of all members across those other members who do fall ill and need the GAP support. We are not interested in billions of dollars in profits on our balance sheets - but we are interested in seeing you get well. At AVBRYTA, we are Doctors! and we care!

Your monthly payment may seem low, but it is sufficient to secure a place at the table so you can be the fortunate ones who benefit from the SCS we have created.

Choose your plan today - and secure your place and peace of mind with AVBRYTA!

If your company is interested in a Group Gap Protection Plan - Please call our hotline and speak to one of our advisors - 1-888-777-0497.

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