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AVBRYTA Gap Health Plans (GHPs)

Lets have a frank discussion about the facts of health care. We'll start with a question. Ever had someone in your family fall seriously ill, realize you're about to face a steep hospital bill, but when you examine how much your health insurance plan covers, it falls short?


Well, many of us have and that's one of the problems AVBRYTA's GHPs seek to solve! Most health insurance plans have innate limitations that leave subscribers wide open in the event of follow up illnesses. In fact, that's where the biggest jolt to your finances really takes place - the follow ups - even though the initial health challenges you face may well be sufficient to wipe out your total coverage and still leave a substantial balance.


For example - we had one customer instance where the critical care coverage was sufficient to cover ~55% of the total cost. There was additional cover available to the patient for things like radiation treatment, biopsies, MRIs, that amounted to another 10% of the costs, but all-in, they were down around 35% of a $50,000 bill - Which meant they had to find it out of pocket!

Question - how many of us really have a $15,000 stash waiting for such an event? And if we do, what do we do after we've spent it and a follow event occurs somewhere else in our family?  You'll smart at the words from you're insurance carrier's rep who having said it a million times to others, knows full well how to say again: "I'm sorry, your plan doesn't cover that - I hope things work out for you".

Your response may take the route of: "BUT YOU'VE TAKEN OUR MONEY! Over the past 10 years we've paid you $1,000 a month - every month - without fail (i.e., $120,000) and you took our money and now we have a $50,000 bill and you won't cover it?"...

Its an injustice of the worst kind right? - but what can you do about it?


Our plans are simple! We will cover anywhere between 70%, 80%, 90% and 100% of your gap in health insurance up to a maximum of $50,000.00 as many times that you need it in any given year. There is $0.00 copay and $0.00 deductible.

Plans are inexpensive - ranging from $39.99 per month (i.e., covers 70% of out of pocket expenses), $49.00 per month (i.e., to cover 80% of out of pocket expenses), $59.99 (i.e., to cover 90% of out of pocket expenses) and $69.99 (i.e., to cover 100% of all out of pocket expenses).

How and why do we do it - we are Doctors! - NOT INSURERS! We know you're pain - and our primary goal is to ensure you're health. We don't need to see $1.5Bn of surplus funds on our Balance Sheets at the end of a quarter - AVBRYTA Cares!


All plans are based on a cross-sharing cost model that expects to use 95% of all funds received to fund the health care needs of members.

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