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Our Decision Support Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis Platform (D-SAI Platform)

Many solutions don't come easy. They require disciplined and thorough research into causes and effects to determine whether there are statistically significant correlations between those causes and effects.


Our research and design of experiments capabilities, allow us to draw credible conclusions that are based on facts. That way, we can more effectively meet your health care advice needs.

For example, key questions we would ask in the event of a Chronic Back Pain (CBP) diagnosis would be:


  • Are the majority of those who report having chronic severe back pain women and/or people who were overweight or had obesity?

  • Do almost all those who have chronic severe back pain report having at least one coexisting health problem, such as arthritis, other musculoskeletal conditions, anxiety, or depression?

  • Were the people who reported that they were unable to effectively manage their pain more likely to have limitations in self-care, social participation, and work but not mobility?

  • What does our D-SAI Decision Support Medical Diagnosis Platform (D-SAI-DSMDP©) tell us about these correlations of cause and effect and determination as they relate to what a patient is experiencing and what does it tell us about the best medicinal outcome we should expect or pursue be for that patient?


Why should a doctor have to reinvent the wheel each time when the diagnosis should be at their fingertips? Ask D-SAI the questions and it will provide the answers.


These are just some of the "Whole of Life" chronic back pain related questions AVBRYTA would provide answers to - among others - before recommending a natural chronic back pain solution! Our discipline here is supported and enhanced by our Data Science capabilities

Why is this important?


Today, the simplest way forward is to outright prescribe a pain killer or an opiate. AVBRYTA subscribes to a different view - especially when our research has already determined that antibiotics, pain killers (particularly opiate-containing drugs such as Endone but also more common pain-killers containing codeine) as well as physical inactivity all reduce how well the gut contracts, we have to look elsewhere to avoid known side effects we are determined you should avoid!


Consider that this side effect alone would result in constipation, higher stool collections in the colon, higher probabilities of contracting irritable bowel disease (IBD) and the list goes on!

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