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How we serve you?

Providing Everything You Need - Online

Online Meeting

Who are your therapists?

AVBRYTA's therapists are licensed, trained, experienced, and accredited mental health professionals, holding qualifications such as PhD or PsyD for psychologists, LMFT for marriage and family therapists, LCSW or LMSW for clinical social workers, and LPC for professional counselors.


Each therapist holds a Master's or Doctorate Degree in their respective field, having been qualified and certified by their state's professional board through rigorous education, exams, training, and practice. While their backgrounds and expertise may vary, all AVBRYTA therapists possess a minimum of three years and 1,000 hours of hands-on experience. For more details about our therapists, you can learn more on our platform.

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How you will communicate with your Psychiatrist or Therapist?

Therapy on our platform offers flexibility through four communication methods:

  1. Messaging with your therapist

  2. Live chatting with your therapist

  3. Phone conversations with your therapist

  4. Video conferencing with your therapist. 

Feel free to choose the method that best suits your needs, availability, and convenience at different times.

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Help Center
Help Center

Who will you see?

Upon registration, we will pair you with an accessible therapist who aligns with your goals, preferences, and the specific challenges you are facing. Given that therapists employ varied approaches and specialize in different areas, finding the right match is crucial for optimal results.


While we typically achieve successful matches, if you begin the process and find that your assigned therapist isn't the ideal fit for you, you have the option to be matched with a different therapist who better suits your needs and preferences.

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