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Giving you the momentum to remain strong!

AVBRYTA - Colon Healthcare

One of the biggest health challenges we all face is passing stool quickly and efficiently! Current statistics show that on average, a person can carry around up to 15lbs of stool in their colons at any given time! Learn more...

Senior Doctor

How and why do we offer such low cost Gap Health Plans? - we are Doctors! - NOT INSURERS! We know you're pain - and our primary goal is to ensure you're health. We don't need to see $1.5Bn of surplus funds on our Balance Sheets at the end of a quarter - AVBRYTA Cares! - Learn more...


In many instances, we focus on Naturopathic medicine and our physicians use many different science -driven treatment approaches. Examples include:

  • Psychotherapy and counseling

  • Dietary and lifestyle changes

  • Stress reduction

  • Herbs and other dietary supplements

  • Homeopathy

  • Manipulative therapies

  • Exercise therapy

  • Practitioner-guided detoxification


One key question AVBRYTA's Physicians and Researchers ask over and over again is this:


"do we really understand how medications affect specific people with specific conditions at specific intervention points and why one size or dose of a particular medication does NOT fit all?"

Picture this for a moment - you have certain combined conditions - high blood pressure, thyroids, and bouts of heart pain. Your Physician recommends a medication which a manufacturer "claims" is safe to use under "normal" conditions.


No one examines precisely how this medication affects YOU! When you subsequently take the medication, your reactions to it are extremely severe, even life- threatening. When a simple cross-condition study could have ruled out that particular medication for you!.

AVBRYTA uses Advanced Data Science Technologies to assess medicinal risks YOU face in the event a particular medication is prescribed.


When we consider that over 125,000 patients die in the United States each year due to prescription drug side effects, its worth the money to define the risk for EACH patient! Learn More...


Our eyes are precious!. We wash our bodies, our hands and hair, but when do we we ever take the time to wash our eyes? Our saline solution - AVBRYTA AEyewash1.0 - is salt-based and a natural mild anti-septic to flush out your eyes after waking up each day and remove any sticky discharge that blurs sight. Learn more...


Many solutions don't come easy. They require disciplined and thorough research into causes and effects to determine whether there are statistically significant correlations between those causes and effects.


Our research and design of experiments capabilities, allow us to draw credible conclusions that are based on facts. That way, we can more effectively meet your health care needs.

For example, key questions we would ask in a Chronic Back Pain (CBP) diagnosis would be:


  1. are the majority of those who report having chronic severe back pain women and/or people who were overweight or had obesity?

  2. do almost all those who have chronic severe back pain report having at least one coexisting health problem, such as arthritis, other musculoskeletal conditions, anxiety, or depression?

  3. were the people who reported that they were unable to effectively manage their pain more likely to have limitations in self-care, social participation, and work but not mobility?

These are "Whole of Life" chronic back pain related questions AVBRYTA would seek answers to - among others - before recommending a natural chronic back pain solution!

Why is this important? Today, the simplest way forward is to outright prescribe a pain killer or an opiate. AVBRYTA subscribes to a different view - especially when our research has already determined that antibiotics, pain killers (particularly opiate-containing drugs such as Endone but also more common pain-killers containing codeine) as well as physical inactivity all reduce how well the gut contracts. Consequently, we have to look elsewhere to avoid known side effects we are determined you should avoid!

AVBRYTA's "Whole of Life Solutions" will provide a "Stage by Stage" back to good health program plan that gets you there faster and with a more sustainable health improvement solutions. This way, we tackle the Chronic Back Pain problem by removing the real culprits and causes! Learn More...

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