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Our Leadership Team

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Dr. John O. Johnson, PhD

Founder, CEO and Chief Scientist

Dr. John O. Johnson, as CEO and Chief Scientist, possesses a comprehensive skill set that integrates mental health care, deep patient care analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence (AI) as they apply to mental health care. Here's an overview of his skills and expertise in these areas:

  1. Mental Health Care Expertise (PhD in Applied Mathematics incorporating Clinical Psychology and Deep Patient Diagnostics):​

    • He leverages this expertise to oversee the development and implementation of mental health care programs within the organization, ensuring that they align with best practices and meet the diverse needs of patients.

  2. Dr. Johnson's background in clinical psychology provides him with a deep understanding of mental health disorders, diagnostic criteria, and evidence-based treatment modalities.

  3. Data Science and Analytics:

    • Dr. Johnson possesses advanced skills in data science, including statistical analysis, predictive modeling, and machine learning techniques.

    • He utilizes patient care analytics to extract insights from large datasets related to patient demographics, treatment outcomes, and healthcare utilization patterns.

    • By applying data-driven approaches, Dr. Johnson can identify trends, predict patient needs, and optimize resource allocation to enhance the quality and efficiency of mental health care delivery.

  4. Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Mental Health Care:

    • Dr. Johnson is at the forefront of incorporating AI technologies into mental health care practices.

    • He explores the use of AI-driven tools, such as natural language processing (NLP) for sentiment analysis of patient interactions, virtual assistants for mental health support, and predictive algorithms for early detection of psychiatric disorders.

    • By harnessing the power of AI, Dr. Johnson aims to personalize treatment plans, improve treatment adherence, and facilitate early intervention for individuals at risk of mental health crises.

  5. Interdisciplinary Collaboration:

    • Dr. Johnson fosters interdisciplinary collaboration between mental health professionals, data scientists, and technology experts to drive innovation in mental health care.

    • He promotes the integration of mental health expertise with data analytics and AI methodologies to develop novel solutions that address the complexities of mental illness and improve patient outcomes.

  6. Strategic Leadership and Business Administration (DBA):

    • As CEO, Dr. Johnson provides strategic direction for the organization, guiding its mission to deliver high-quality, data-driven mental health care services.

    • He oversees the integration of data science and AI initiatives into the organization's strategic goals, ensuring alignment with its overall vision and objectives.

In summary, Dr. John O. Johnson's multifaceted expertise in mental health care, deep patient care analytics, data science, and artificial intelligence positions him as a visionary leader driving AVBRYTA's innovation at the intersection of healthcare and technology.


Through his leadership, he seeks to revolutionize AVBRYTA's delivery of mental health care, enhance patient outcomes, and advance the field towards a more data-informed and personalized approach to treatment.

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Dr. John O. Johnson, MD

Co-founder, Chief Medical Officer,


Dr. John O Johnson, MD, CO-founder and Psychiatrist Extraordinaire

Languages: English and Spanish

Age Groups Seen: Children: 6 to 17 years and Adults: All ages.

Training: Howard University College of Medicine.

Residency: Delaware Psychiatric Center as Chief Resident.


Armed with both a Medical Degree and a degree in Neuroscience, Dr. Johnson brings a unique blend of clinical acumen and cutting-edge research to his practice. 


Throughout his illustrious career, Dr. Johnson has garnered a reputation for his unwavering commitment to patient care and innovation in treatment modalities.


His clinical approach is characterized by empathy, compassion, and a deep understanding of the complexities of the human mind and for children.


Dr. Johnson specializes in treating a wide range of psychiatric disorders, including mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders, and substance use disorders.


He is known for his holistic approach to patient care, which integrates evidence -based pharmacotherapy with psychotherapeutic techniques and lifestyle interventions.


In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Johnson is actively involved in research and academia. He has published numerous groundbreaking studies in top-tier scientific journals and frequently presents his work at national and international conferences.


As a sought-after speaker and educator, Dr. Johnson is dedicated to advancing the field of psychiatry and mentoring the next generation of mental health professionals.


Dr.  Johnson exemplifies excellence in psychiatry, embodying a steadfast commitment to advancing the understanding and treatment of mental illness with compassion, expertise, and innovation.

Dr. Johnson's team recognizes the importance of collaboration with external stakeholders, such as primary care physicians, social workers, and community organizations. By forging strong partnerships within the broader healthcare community, they ensure that their clients receive comprehensive and coordinated care that addresses all aspects of their well-being.

Above all, Dr. Johnson's team embodies a shared commitment to excellence, constantly striving to push the boundaries of what is possible in mental health care. With their unwavering dedication, compassion, and expertise, they stand as a shining example of what it means to provide second-to-none support to individuals navigating the challenges of mental illness.

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Dr. Dorette Nysewander, EdD

Vice President Behavioral Health, Strategist

Dr. Dorette Nysewander, Vice President of Behavioral Health, is an accomplished strategist with a wealth of expertise in mental health and organizational leadership. Her skills encompass:

  1. Strategic Planning: Dr. Nysewander excels in developing and implementing strategic plans tailored to address complex challenges in the field of behavioral health. Her visionary approach ensures alignment with organizational goals and industry best practices.

  2. Behavioral Health Management: With a strong background in behavioral health management, Dr. Nysewander possesses a deep understanding of clinical protocols, regulatory compliance, and quality improvement initiatives. She is adept at optimizing service delivery to enhance patient outcomes.

  3. Leadership and Team Building: As a seasoned leader, Dr. Nysewander inspires and empowers her team to achieve excellence. Her collaborative leadership style fosters innovation, creativity, and a culture of continuous learning within the organization.

  4. Public Policy and Advocacy: Dr. Nysewander is actively involved in advocating for policies that promote mental health awareness, accessibility, and equity. She leverages her expertise to influence decision-makers and drive systemic change at local, regional, and national levels.

  5. Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Dr. Nysewander fosters interdisciplinary collaboration by forging partnerships with stakeholders across healthcare, government agencies, academia, and community organizations. Her inclusive approach promotes holistic solutions to address complex societal issues.


Overall, Dr. Dorette Nysewander is a dynamic leader and strategist in the field of behavioral health, dedicated to advancing mental health initiatives and improving access to quality care for individuals and communities.

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Dr. Cyrus Johnson, JD

Vice President Legal Counsel

Dr. Cyrus Johnson, JD, is a dynamic legal professional with a wealth of experience and expertise in various facets of law. Armed with a Jurisprudence Doctorate, Cyrus has honed his skills through residencies and hands-on experience at several local law firms.


As a lawyer, Cyrus possesses a keen analytical mind coupled with exceptional research abilities, allowing him to delve deep into complex legal issues and devise effective strategies for his clients. His proficiency in legal writing and oral advocacy enables him to articulate arguments persuasively in both written briefs and courtroom proceedings.


Throughout his brief career, Cyrus has demonstrated versatility across different areas of law, including but not limited to corporate law, criminal law, civil litigation, and intellectual property law. His diverse background equips him with the adaptability to tackle a wide range of legal matters with precision and competence.


In addition to his legal acumen, Cyrus is renowned for his strong interpersonal skills and client-focused approach. He builds trust with clients by providing clear communication, empathetic understanding, and unwavering commitment to achieving favorable outcomes on their behalf.


Cyrus's track record includes successfully litigating cases in various courts and representing clients in negotiations, mediations, and arbitrations. Whether advocating for individuals, businesses, or organizations, he consistently delivers results-driven representation while upholding the highest ethical standards of the legal profession.


Outside of his professional endeavors, Cyrus is dedicated to staying abreast of legal developments and furthering his knowledge through continuous learning. He actively engages in legal associations and participates in continuing education programs to ensure that his skills remain sharp and relevant in an ever-evolving legal landscape.


With his blend of academic credentials, practical experience, and unwavering dedication to client advocacy, Cyrus Johnson stands as a formidable force in the legal arena, poised to tackle even the most challenging legal challenges with tenacity and expertise.

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